In the discovery phase, we work towards understanding your business and your brand – where you come from, where you want to be, what your core values are, and everything in between. We want to understand you and your business to the best of our ability, so that we can offer you our services with the most personal, tailored and customisable touches, to help your business reach its maximum potential.



Here we take into consideration all the requirement specifications we have identified in the Discovery phase. The design phase will involve in our team of design experts at ONE100 Marketing, getting together and coming up with the best solutions to all your digital marketing needs – from incredible custom web design that best represents your business, to great SEO, to the latest in branding.



Once the design phase puts everything from pen to paper, development of that design and the work in bringing your digital marketing dream to life, will begin. We start by breaking down the big picture into small individual units, and work on developing each of those units – paying attention to even the smallest of details – whether we’re building a website or designing a social media post.


Test & Learn

At this stage, we will be putting to test, each individual unit that we have developed in the earlier phase. Once tested, each of those individual units will be integrated into one system – your webpage or on your social media platform. Our goal here is to identify any hiccups that you might have to encounter, resolve that issue, and ensure that the final output would run in the smoothest possible sense, for you and your customers. In other words, this will ensure that the final picture you imagined is what we have designed and developed.


Deployment & Training

From the content on each individual webpage, to what every call-to-action does, we give your team a thorough run through of every single aspect of your website, ensuring that everyone involved gets the full scope of the website.



With ONE100 Marketing, we don’t just leave you hanging once the job is done – however big or small. We stick around to make sure that all your digital marketing needs are met and dealt with appropriately.