Web Design

Your brand’s website; believe it or not, is the single most important factor in building a reputed digital presence. Consider it the best salesman in your online-storefront, if you will. In order for your business’ website to stand out from every other landing webpage out there, great web design – from high-end custom aesthetics to still being self-sufficient – matters.

And our goal at ONE100 Marketing Solutions is to give you that functional, business savvy and cross-device website, representing the best possible version of your brand, which in turn will help you convert idle visitors into paying customers.

Web Development

A great website isn’t just the fancy template and colours – website design is important, but that’s only half the game. Your website’s content should be a genuine representation of all that your brand stands for. From that catchy introductory one-liner you crave, to great copywriting that screams your brand identity in every word, to call-to-action buttons visitors can’t help but click, to even things like cross-device usability, from laptops, to mobile phones, to tablets – we, at ONE100 Marketing, are here to pay attention to all your website’s needs – even the small ones.


Over time, e-commerce stores have begun fast replacing the traditional storefronts we have all grown accustomed to. And now, in 2020 in a pandemic-ridden world, online stores have come to become the norm.

The key to having a good E-Commerce website isn’t far from any other website. Good aesthetics and user-friendliness will always be king when it comes to great web design. And that can be the make or break in turning curious visitors into paying customers; hence the higher conversion rates that will help promote brand awareness. And why would you say no to that?

And ONE100 Marketing is all about making sure that everything that’s necessary to convert visitors into buyers is done with precision, so that you don’t have to.


Branding – your business’ most valuable asset. Good branding is the key to any successful business. Why? Because good branding is what customers will remember. It’s what will bring customers back wanting more. While marketing will push a particular product under your brand towards customers – getting you those one-time buyers, branding will be what makes people remember your business, something that will echo in their heads long after any purchase they made. From a killer and unique logo that makes you stand out from the rest, to your web design, to even your business cards – carrying a consistent brand voice throughout all the aspects of your business is key.

With ONE100 Marketing, the branding campaign isn’t something that begins with something as cliché as creating a logo. It starts with us having a conversation. A conversation that tells us about your business, about where you come from, where you want to go, and all that you stand for. So that we, at ONE100 Marketing, can help you reach that goal – all the while creating a brand that makes a mark.

Social Media

In a time like 2020, with so many people confined to their homes, social media is now a bigger tool than ever before in digital marketing. Infographics that encourage shares and other engaging content with the right graphics and designs can do wonders for your business in the digital world. It all starts from getting your brand out on the streets via different platforms.

And our team of social media experts are set and ready to boost your brand’s digital presence with the latest in social media marketing, social media management – from post creation, to the use of the right keywords and hashtags. So that’s one less thing you will have to worry about and more time to concentrate on the engine room.

Tailored Campaigns

With tailored marketing campaigns, our goal is to help you promote your products and services to each segment of your target audience spread across multiple platforms, effectively and efficiently engaging new customers.

While tailored marketing campaigns are of many forms, email marketing is one that provides you with a very effective connection with your customers. You’re right inside their personal inbox – what more could you ask for? Reach out to your existing pool of customers, to new potential customers – show what is in it for them. Show them the latest deals and keep them updated on every aspect of the brand. And we at ONE100 Marketing believe that it’s personalised and targeted marketing campaigns like these, that play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of your brand, and driving up conversions.

Graphic Designing

Remember when they said that a picture is worth ONE100 words? Well, they weren’t kidding.

Good graphic design is key when it comes to visually communicating your brand to your clients. But we’re talking about more than just your brand’s unique logo design, page layout or that font you just love. Now don’t get us wrong… they’re important – but there’s a lot more to it than that. Because there can be days when you can create the most stunning advertisement and still not get those conversions you’re looking for.

And that’s where we come in. At ONE100 Marketing, our job is to make sure that great design is put together with smart marketing to ensure that your brand manages to communicate all that you need and more in just one simple graphic.


An easy topic to brush off as unimportant, but the photography on display under your brand – whether it be that on your business’ website, or your social media channels – is as important as every other aspect of a website.

When it comes to engaging with a first-time visitor that landed on your web page, you have 3 golden seconds to capture their interest. And when done right, good imagery will be what brings good engagement, within those 3 seconds.

And that’s where the team at ONE100 Marketing comes in. We want to provide your brand with the best imagery, helping you get the most out of your digital presence, in very little time.

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